We’re continuing on our topic of writing quality WordPress themes by looking at the Theme Check plugin.
Theme check was originally developed to give people writing themes for the WordPress.org repository a way to check their themes for compatibility with the theme review requirements before they uploaded their theme for review.

If you’re not aware, when you upload a theme for review it’s run against a series of automated checks to see if the theme meets the best practice guidelines established by the theme review team.

What does it do??

As stated above the Theme Check plugin runs a series of automated tests against your theme that look for things like depricated functions and required CSS classes (.sticky, aligncenter, .bypostauthor…).

Even for Clients?

While it’s true that for client work you have a solid idea of what they are going to be doing with their theme the fact is that we all miss stuff from time to time and Theme Check can help make sure we’ve accounted for everything we should.

I think that everyone building WordPress themes in any capacity should be running their themes through Theme Check during development to ensure their providing clients with top quality service. You may decide that due to requirements of the current project you’re going to skip some of the recommended items on the list but at least you’ll have accounted for accepted best practice in WordPress theme building.

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  1. Gem Webb Avatar

    Thanks so much for the Curtis. I had a friend share this post with me even though I am subscribed to your blog. This is a jewel of info. I’m going to be contacting you shortly to get get help with a wordpress website. Thanks again. This is great info. If you want, feel free to post this sort of info on my facebook fanpage I just started to educate people on tech information at: http://www.facebook.com/GemWebbTeacher

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar

      I’m glad you found it useful, always happy to pass on information. I don’t really do Facebook for business so I’m going to pass on the offer thanks. I just figured I had to draw a line on how far I’d let my business mix with my personal life and since I don’t really like Facebook anyway it seemed like a good spot.