Rant warning.

Just trying to get my bill from Telus (my local ISP) and what do I find, but a site that won’t load my eBills in Chrome. It works in Firefox and [according to Telus](https://twitter.com/telussupport/status/153956173152927744) it works in IE9 but only if you use compatibility mode.

Telus Canada get your head out of your ass and support web standards. There is no good reason this shouldn’t work in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE. Though I suppose that not actually caring about proper customer service might be a valid reason to some. No real customer service seems to be a calling card of ISP’s and phone companies in more countries than just Canada.

One response to “Telus Canada and a Crappy Site”

  1. Mike Avatar

    Sorry you are having problems but you might be using an old version of Chrome, I just tried and all my ebills load just fine in Chrome