I think that Light Table looks pretty neat but not everyone agrees. Going through the comments most people seem to be excited about Light Table and disagree with the post. I haven’t used Eclipse so I can’t really speak to the truth of the post but at the least it’s always worth taking a step back and looking at a contrary opinion.

2 responses to “An Alternative View on Light Table”

  1. Eric Mann Avatar

    Honestly, that article reads more like someone taking offense at a kid poking fun at his favorite toy. I’ve used Eclipse. I’ve used PHPStorm. I’ve used Notepad. There is a use for every tool and a tool for every use case.

    Personally, I see things in Light Table that I like and things that I don’t. But I also see where it fits in the landscape of all the other tools I use. Will it replace PHPStorm? Not for me. But I’ll happily use it all the same.

    1. curtismchale Avatar

      True true, you’ve inspired another blog post on the use cases for me with MacVim, PHPStorm, Sublime Text 2, and Coda.