The Usefulness of Blog Archives?

I’m working on a rebuild of this site because it’s needed it for at least 2 years, and it’s a pretty dang terrible design. One of the main things I’m thinking about is the utility of the tags and categories on the site.

Looking through Google Analytics, few people look around either the categories or tags, on posts or on the sidebar. If no one looks at them, then they really just get in the way, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be dropping them both. I’ll still be tagging posts just not showing it to the user.

Other than that thought, I’d like to drastically improve the reading experience on the site. I find the current font way too small (and I’m not even that old) and the is way too much going on in general.

Long term this will be transitioning in to a blog and I’ll be running my business off the business domain.

3 thoughts on “The Usefulness of Blog Archives?

    1. Look at you teasing a project. Anywhere to sign up for a notification when it’s ready?

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