I don’t know about you but I really work to keep things minimal on my computer, but I’ve always had trouble keeping things out of the menu bar. If it’s not WIFI it’s Time Machine or [Fantastical][fant], that’s cluttering up the menu. Enter [Bartender][bar], it adds one icon and lets you bundle menu items in to it.

What I really want to talk about is the registration experience. Once you purchase it emails you the license code and shows it on the web page just like every other piece of software then it takes things one step further.

See that button, it will install your license for you. One click and it’s done. Yes doing some copy and paste operations to get your license in to an app, but this little step just shows that extra care was put in.

I like to see extra thought in applications.

[bar]: http://www.macbartender.com/ “Bartender – Organize your Menu Bar Apps”
[fant]: http://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/stat?id=ov53b8ogfCc&offerid=146261&type=3&subid=0&tmpid=1826&RD_PARM1=http%253A%252F%252Fitunes.apple.com%252Fus%252Fapp%252Ffantastical%252Fid435003921%253Fmt%253D12%2526uo%253D4%2526partnerId%253D30 “Fantastical”

2 responses to “Great Usability From the Get Go”

  1. Amy Hendrix Avatar
    Amy Hendrix

    Good point, but why two buttons? Why not one “Apply License” button that prompts you to download/install if it doesn’t detect the software?

    1. curtismchale Avatar

      That would certainly be another step to making the process even easier. Really the AppStore has it down. Just purchase and download and it works. I certainly don’t blame any devs that don’t want to give Apple 30% though, so it’s great to see them making the process easier.