I’ve been finding lately that just because I write tutorials on WordPress the readers expect me to provide a bunch of free support when it doesn’t quite work for them.

If someone provides you with something for free, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t solve all of your specific needs. If you need something that does solve your specific needs don’t be upset if they expect something in return, it’s the way of the world. We all need food and a place to sleep, and the last time I checked that stuff costs money.

The issue really comes up for the users when they ask me for support and I ask for money to solve their issues. I don’t have unlimited time. I’ve got a kid to feed and a roof to keep over our heads. Just because you can’t get something working based on my writing does not mean I am ‘required’ to fix it for you free of charge. It always irks me when they expect the work for free.

The quote comes from this article.

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  1. Ron Avatar

    Andrea & I found the same.