I’m not really going to talk about the game, so if that’s why you’re here you’re going to be disappointed. I’m also not really going to talk about the crappy DRM on the game that requires you to be online. My gripe with Diablo III is the initial set up and sign in experience.

First off you can’t paste your password in to the password field in the game. I’ve got to figure this is a bug, since you can paste the password in Star Craft 2. I would certainly hope that Blizzard fixes this or they’re really just promoting insecure passwords. Again, I assume that Blizzard does not want to promote insecure passwords for Battle.net accounts.

Second, for the life of me I can’t get the game sound to play through my gaming headphones. My normal office setup has my speakers plugged in to the headphone jack on my 13″ MBP and a set of Logitech G930 plugged in to my USB hub. Changing to the wireless headset should be a simple matter of selecting them as the output from System Preferences, but on Diablo III there is no love for the output settings. Star Craft 2 works just fine so again I can only assume this is a bug that will get fixed and Diablo III will start to respect the sound output settings in System Preferences.

Are my complaints minor, yes they are, but it’s the little things that make a decent product amazing.

You may be wondering why I’m not complaining about the server issues getting the game authorized to play. I assumed there would be some and waited a full week before even attempting the install.

I do have to give Blizzard big props on supporting Mac gamers. I can play any of my old Blizzard titles on my Mac after registering them in my Battle Net account. I don’t even need the discs anymore since they can be authorized online.

2 responses to “Starting with Diablo III – Marginal Usability”

  1. James Strocel Avatar

    Between all these issues and potential future online “clearance” sales, the benefits of getting your mitts on the latest game releases are becoming fewer and fewer.

    1. curtismchale Avatar

      Yeah I guess. I don’t play a lot of games anymore so when there is one I want I just get it when I want it. The last game I purchased was Star Craft II or maybe Modern Warfare 3 when it came out for Mac.

      I’d rather be out on my bike or hanging with the wife. I’ll take the time to beat Diablo III but I won’t bother with online play. I might take the time to beat it with every character but that is not even for sure.