Learning To Write Well, Fast

Obviously I've really stepped up the publishing schedule of the site. As with any blog the main struggle weekly is figuring out what exactly to write, and of course to make sure it's not terrible. This week I came across (hat tip Freelancing Weekly) a [video]vid with 8 tips for writing good content quickly.

The first point that stuck out to me is that good content does not mean the article is long. A good article can be short and sweet. I've wondered off and on if I'm actually writing long enough articles. I even check word count and time reading (in iAWriter), really I should care more about what makes a good article.

One thing I'm not so sure about for most of my content is the long term editorial calendar. Much of the stuff I write come directly from thoughts on relevant articles for the week. I'm not sure how I can plan that and I fear that I would just be looking for articles to fit what was in the calendar even if they suck. I could do it for the longer form articles I write though.

The final tip is another one that we need to all remember for any task. It goes something like:

Work will fill the time allotted to it.

We've all heard it. Give yourself a bunch of time to answer email and you can be sure that it will take all of that time. The solution is to give yourself a clearly defined chunk of time to write your content, or check your email.