Update: I’ve done a full review of Daylite 4 now.

I’ve been looking off and on for an app/service that will let me run my business from end to end. I already use Billings (AppStore) as my estimating and invoicing tool and I’ve looked at Daylite (should be on the AppStore soon) a few times.

The thing that has always stopped my from even trying Daylite is the server setup. I’m simply too lazy to call support and get assistance with setting up a server for my Daylite data. With Daylite 4 they now want me to sign up for some email list, which will probably stop me from trying it still.

daylite email sign up
Really I have to sign up for an email list?

Judging from this review I might be missing out on a decent product though. Still I see a serious flaw.

The release date for Daylite 4 was pushed up a bit in order to come in before the June 1 App Store sandboxing rules take effect. Any new apps submitted to the App Store after June 1 must fully comply with Apple’s sandboxing rules, which limit the privileges apps can request in accessing system resources. Because of the sophistication of Daylite’s different components that allows the Mac and iOS apps to sync information, Daylite 4 would have been significantly delayed by the extra engineering effort to fully sandbox the software.

I certainly understand that the sandboxing rules for the AppStore are still bit half baked, but rushing a product to get in under them? In theory it sounds great but come June 1st will there be updates? How long will it take to get updates that do match up with the sandboxing rules?

Even if I do decide to sign up for their email list, I’ll be watching Daylite for at least a few months first to see if their AppStore plan really works out.

14 responses to “Daylite 4 was Released”

  1. Robert Dall Avatar

    I still find that Daylite is still to large for any small business. I had used billings for years… But found Freshbooks a much better fit to my business.

    I know Daylite fits for some people business, But I found I was filling out Daylite more then I was doing work… It just didn’t fit with me and my style of workflow.

    1. curtismchale Avatar

      I just find that the Freshbooks pricing scheme doesn’t mesh with how I want to use it and I pay monthly for enough stuff already. I would like to cut those charges, not increase them.

  2. RSchulman Avatar

    I would LOVE suggestions as to OS X software that comprises the features set of Daylite: calendaring, tasks, projects, contacts IN ONE PACKAGE. I’m a longtime Daylite user, but understand the complaints. I just don’t know what the alternatives are — I can’t find them!

    1. curtismchale Avatar

      I have not found one either, at least in one package. Daylite may be the best option, but the friction they put in front of me trying it is enough that I’m not bothering.

      On another train of thought, just because something is the only option does not mean its a good option. I once won a running race because it was me and a guy my height but 100lbs heavier. I was not fast, just faster than the other guy. I would have lost every other age by many minutes (5km run). I’m not a good runner, just the guy that showed up.

  3. Avrum Avatar

    “still find that Daylite is still to large for any small business”

    I’m a 1-person family therapist who adores the CONCEPT of Daylite. I don’t use everything, but the integration is so powerful. And the email plug-in rocks.

    “Daylite is the server setup”

    God – I’ve been at this for most of the afternoon. But the promise behind the upgrade has provided me with enough mojo to keep at it. I’ve played around with 4, and I’m very impressed.

    1. curtismchale Avatar

      You have way more patience than I do. I guess that my current workflow just doesn’t have enough pain points in it for me to tackle the setup of Daylite, and I set up servers and stuff daily.

      Daylite is on my list to try, just lower down than other solutions that have an easier path to trying it.

  4. Avrum Avatar

    The pain points have accumulated, so much so, that I left only hours after basking in the glow of a possible 1-stop shop solution.

    1. curtismchale Avatar

      That sucks. They really need to find a way to smooth the setup. Even provide a preconfigured server. I’m sure they’d have to charge for it but it would mean more customers I would think.

  5. Jeff Schoolcraft Avatar

    There are quite a few alternatives, but they’re a lot like email clients in that they all suck to varying degrees.

    Among some of the alternatives:

    Contactizer Pro – http://objective-decision.com/en/products/contactizerpro/

    Relationships – which looks like abandonware – http://www.jumsoft.com/2011/11/relationship/

    Elements – http://www.ntractive.com/mac-crm/en/ but it’s cloud and subscription based

    1. curtismchale Avatar

      I’ve looked at most of those and they just didn’t fit what I wanted. I suppose I should take the time to build what I want and sell it. There should be a few people that agree with my needs.

    2. Jorge Avatar

      Contactizer is pretty much abandonware too – their forums have been in ‘maintenance mode’ for a couple of months now, this after many users’ posts about the lack of updates/activity from the dev for the app.

  6. Jorge Avatar

    So you deny yourself something based on someone else’s “opinion”, instead of judging for yourself? (In other words – you let others decide for you?)

    1. curtismchale Avatar

      I’m not sure that anyone is saying they are not choosing Daylite because of a review. I’m certainly not discounting it for that reason. I think the review I read was more incentive to battle the difficult setup experience and try it.

      1. Jorge Avatar

        Fair enough – I guess I misread what you meant.

        There’s been a few updates already within the first few days of release, so their being quick at fixing the bugs out.

        I don’t agree with the review’s “rushed” statement however – it was no more “rushed” than Apple’s own OS updates (5.1.1 breaking SSL, etc.). And given this, I don’t buy the all the sandboxing hoopla Apple’s forcing devs to bend over backwards for instead of better spending the time on features for their apps.