When I posted about Daylite 4 one of the comments challenged me to come up with another application that did all of the things Daylite does, in one package. At least I read it as a challenge.

While I acknowledge that I have not found an application that does everything Daylite does, I think that the challenge make an incorrect assumption. As I see it, it assumes that because Daylite is the only option it’s a good one.

As I said in my response, I once won a 5km run. I won by default really. There were only 2 of us and though the other runner was my size he was working to get ‘in shape’ while I was riding my bike, swimming, running and landscaping. I simply won because there was no real competitor, not because I was fast. In every other age category I would have lost by minutes, I was nowhere near competitive even for a top 10 finish.

So I’ll repeat myself, just because Daylite does not have a real competitor with a total package on the Mac, does not make Daylite a ‘good’ choice. At least it does not make it a good choice by default. Just like any other application it should stand on the features and usability it provides.

Now Daylite is not a bad choice either, it’s just a choice and as I said the friction they present to even trying it out is enough that I’m not trying it. I set up servers every day, I would hope that it’s not technically challenging for me. I guess it really comes down to the fact that though Daylite looks like a total solution, there is not enough pain in my current workflow to warrant the pain in the Daylite set up.

It’s that simple, I’m not in enough pain to put up with something that I percieve as more pain. The thought of setting it up just to try a tool that I may decide doesn’t work for me is a total turn off.