Yet another article form 8bit Dad, though not on parenting this time, has got me thinking about the stupid people that we are surrounded with.

Turns out parents don’t think that their children will be able to tug on the cord and wrap it around their necks. Toddlers are never known to tug on anything they can get their hands on, so this is a surprise to everyone.

Yes parents were placing the baby monitor within reach of the baby and the baby played with it. I certainly don’t want to give short shrift to the few kids that were hurt because of this, but it’s not a problem with the baby monitor, it’s a problem with the parent.

My coffee grinder has also been recalled. You see if you leave it plugged in and then stick your finger inside to clean it, you might get hurt. Now I work with power tools all the time and this just seems to me like sheer stupidity.

Do you change the blade on a skill saw with it plugged in? How about a jigsaw? The answer to both is no you don’t. Step one is unplug it because you’re not a moron. That it the same step 1 that should be obvious when cleaning the coffee grinder.

No I did not send my grinder back, I’m not an idiot I can perform step one. But for those reading this that are stupid, go change the blade on a power tool so you’ll be marked for the rest of us. We will know to avoid you in the future.

One response to “Stop Making Others Pay for YOUR Stupid”

  1. James Strocel Avatar

    I’m all for safe products, but at some point we’ve just got to let nature take its course.