As much as I do like going out to meet ups and local events, I’m terrible at networking for my business. I suppose I should follow tips like this but it just doesn’t feel like me.

By nature I’m not pushy, I figure that my work and clients will speak for themselves. I do good work and the right people will hear about it. So far I have plenty of work and keep getting better and better clients. That’s one of the signs that whatever I’m doing (or not doing) is working in some fashion.

That doesn’t mean I should not network better though. I could be missing out on opportunities to grow the business even.

Anyone else have trouble pushing their business at networking events? How have you made it work? Does it feel natural now, or unnatural now?

2 responses to “Working a Networking Event”

  1. James Strocel Avatar

    I despise those intro techniques where you build yourself into some kind of magic business pixie. Networking is more natural when you are trying to make friends first and customers second.

    1. curtismchale Avatar

      But are you willing to do them if they bring in lots of business or are you sticking to your principles no matter what?