As you can tell I’ve really cranked up the posting frequency on this site. I’d love to increase the readership, and even make some money with the site. So what do I work on, SEO or content? Of course content is important, even with the best SEO crappy content means no one will stick around to actually read it.

Notice I don’t have any sharing buttons on my site. First I think they clutter up stuff, and second on 99% of sites they just sit there blank. So they question is how to get readers to share the content for you?

So when I read that SEO is not the most important thing I really listen. Basically the article is a bunch of tips on writing content that users will share.

One response to “Is SEO Really What We all Need?”

  1. James Strocel Avatar

    I wonder if it’s harder to spread content the farther you are from a population center. Places like Vancouver and Seattle are full of people who know how to share links and have friends who will read their links. By the time most content reaches the Fraser Valley, it’s already gone viral and no one has to share anything with anybody. That works out because it’s a place where “not being into computers” is still perfectly valid.

    The only way to reverse this trend is through local groups like the Ruby brigade which encourage people to create and share online content.