The most important thing you can do to manage your time is to say NO. Most freelancer’s I know don’t say no to almost any project. This means they end up not having time to do the work they want.

I bet if you take a look how you spend your time during the average day, you’ll see a disconnect between your deeply held priorities and your actions.

A long time ago I decided that my priorities would be established by what I want someone to say at my graveside. I want someone to say I was a good father and husband, I really don’t care if they say I was a good programmer. To that end I say no to programming projects all the time. It’s way more important to me to spend time with my family.

Before you start freelancing decide what you want people to say at your funeral, then run your business so it happens.

One response to “Say No”

  1. Edward Caissie Avatar

    A very good philosophy to approach work / projects with … well done!