I’ve been saying for a while now that I really need to step outside of WordPress and learn more about PHP development. The hard part has been working it in to a week filled with client work and family, and relaxing at some point.

My friend Eric has a good way to do it. I really just need to pick an hour a week and book it for learning something new. I’m good at sticking to a schedule when I make one so maybe I’ve just put off writing it down as an avoidance tactic.

4 responses to “Learning New Things”

  1. Dave Zille Avatar

    I like the approach..

    Personally, I’m thinking about taking an iOS development course this fall – Although I am currently outsourcing my iOS development projects, but want to learn more as I think it will let me hire and manage projects better.

    1. curtismchale Avatar

      Knowing about the technical constraints certainly helps you talk the same language as the developer and helps you call foul when they say something will take way too long.

  2. Eric Davis Avatar

    I’d recommend getting outside of PHP also. Try to learn new languages or frameworks, they might not be something you use later on but you never know.

    This is why I have a lot of JavaScript scheduled and even C.

    1. curtismchale Avatar

      The language I’d probably ‘default’ to is Ruby. I know so many local Ruby devs, and have done a bit myself. That may be the ‘easy’ way out though. Javascript would be a good choice, since I write a lot of jQuery, but no proper JS.