My buddy Roger just posted about stupid browser requirements. If you’re not going to read it here the short story is that an employee portal was launched in the last 6 months that only works with IE8 and lower.

So he called tech support for the company that he works with.. And after they remote desktopped to check everything on his end.. Informed him that their employee portal was designed for IE 8 or lower and wouldn’t work on newer browsers…

Like I said asinine.

My browser support include the most recent versions of major browsers. Then if a client wants to support something older (like IE7) we bill hourly for it. I certainly never do anything to make a site not work in any browser though.

Speaks of terrible developers and bad corporate policy. Glad I don’t have to deal with that.

3 responses to “Asinine Browser Requirements”

  1. Bob Martens Avatar

    Yup, we are dealing with that here as well. Absolutely pervasive in crappy enterprise software development. It is TERRIBLE.

    1. curtismchale Avatar

      I kind of understand browser requirements for large internal applications that cost millions to rebuild, but no public facing site should have anything resembling this.

  2. Matt Graham Avatar

    And this is getting added to future quotes:

    “…if a client wants to support something older (like IE7) we bill hourly for it.”