This type of crap is exactly why I never read The Verge. The only way I get to their articles is by coming across them in Flipboard. They have a hands on with a IPhone mockup. I admit I never watched the video, I was too busy sighing and rolling my eyes at the stupidity of it.

Sure it’s not as bad an their “hands on” for the Microsoft Surface. You know the ones where they never actually touched the thing. Want to know what really happened that day here is the truth of the hands on.

At least with the iPhone 5 video the admit it’s a mockup from a case supplier but that headline is just written to draw pageviews, and I have no doubt it will work. There are enough people out there gasping for a shred of iPhone 5 news.

The truth is, we have no idea what the iPhone 5 will be till we see it revealed. Till then I’ll keep avoiding The Verge’s sensationalist reporting.

2 responses to “Sensationalist Reporting by The Verge – again”

  1. Matthew Lang Avatar

    While there is a demand for technology, there will always be sensationalist reporting to fuel the anticipation for new tech.

    I’m waiting on the iPhone 5 myself, having just finished a 2 year contract with an HTC Desire. Like yourself, I’m also of the mind, “It will be here when it’s here.”

    Journalism like this is speculative and it’s a common thing in 24 hour news channels as well. Too much speculation. Whatever happened to reporting on the hard facts of a story?

    1. curtismchale Avatar

      I don’t mind a bit of rumour talk but it’s just stupid the lengths to which sites go to be the first with a rumour. A year ago I cared way more about the rumours and followed them all, but I just don’t have time (or desire) for that. I’m 100% burnt out on rumours.