I’ve been a huge Armstrong fan since I was a teenager. I watched him win le Tour every time, and I have newspaper clippings from each win. So it’s with a small personal investment I read about the doping case against him now.

A Few Weeks ago

If you had asked me a few weeks ago what I thought, I would have said I was very skeptical about him not doping. I mean everyone else he beat was, so he would have to be some super-human to beat dopers if he was clean. That just seemed unlikely. Really I didn’t care though. It was years ago and the cycling culture has been changing for the better weekly. I wasn’t really sure that USADA spending money hunting him down was really worth it.

And Now?

I still stand by what I said above, but I’ve lost a lot of respect for Lance. See it’s one thing to dope when there is only existentially a decision (do it or end your career isn’t much of a decision), it’s a totally different thing to intimidate and ruin other’s careers.

What Should Change

Really I think that any change needs to go higher that just Lance. Pat McQuaid and the UCI need a major shake up. The culture that was allowed to flourish is ultimately their fault and it looks like they get to walk away with no punishment.

Ulitmately I’m just a bit sad that a sport I have loved for more than 20 years is having it’s name pulled through the mud yet again. I’m hopeful that the new Pro’s are clean (at least most of them) and that doping culture is slowly being irradiated, but it can’t come fast enough for me.

I don’t want to read another story about a winner, or any rider doping. Such a waste.

2 responses to “Looking At Lance Armstrong”

  1. Duane Storey Avatar

    It seems pretty likely he has doped to me, based on all the allegations from former teammates. I find it hard to believe they all have an axe to grind against him, so I can’t help but think they are speaking the truth. The unfortunate thing is there really is no scientific proof (failed drug tests).

    That said, I think he should just own up to it and take his beats at this point. I understand not wanting to go through the whole process with the USDA, but given that he has been a role model, I think he should do the moral thing and admit it if he did it (and it seems fairly likely based on that report that he did). The sad thing is I think LiveStrong would take a major credibility hit, but so be it I guess.

    1. curtismchale Avatar

      I think he should own up as well, but given the stories about his conduct with others I think that’s unlikely.

      Regarding a specific failed test, there is one supposedly out there. When the USADA asked to test it again the UCI asked Lance’s permission to allow the test and he said no. I don’t think the rider should have a choice since it brings up a huge conflict of interests, but that’s how the broken system works.