With all the talk of doping it’s great to read an article that talks about more than just the doping culture that existed in the professional ranks. Micheal Barry address the stupid points system, and how revenues are not shared with teams from TV contracts.

I just hope that all the bad press for cycling in the last few weeks does more than punish riders. The changes need to start at the top of the UCI. If it stops short of that we’re simply going to have more issues in the future. Right now we have riders like Levi Leipheimer being punished for telling the truth about the doping culture. That is certainly not going to encourage anyone else to come forward.

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  1. brian pearce Avatar
    brian pearce

    I don’t know if I agree about making it a league like baseball or hockey. It would certainly change the dynamic. Even then players in those leagues suffer the same pressure to dope etc. Money in leagues just gets burned away as well.