So I used to record tutorials and publish under ‘The nth Guides’. I felt that title would let me talk about whatever I wanted in programming. The short version is, I got lazy and we only had a few episodes.

Well I’m bringing it back, sort of. I’ll be publishing episodes under the same feed, but it’s going to be more of an Ask Me Anything format.

You want to know what I think of your site, send me the link. Want me to comment on you giving away to much time instead of billing it, let me know.

Format is 2 – 5 minutes of me talking about the topic and hopefully I stay on topic.

So I need a few questions to start. Hit the contact form in the post and I’ll get an episode out next week.

I must thank Miles Forrest for encouraging me to do this. Evidently I’m articulate in person (means I rant well) and sometimes that doesn’t come across in my writing.


Thanks for the question. I read all of them, but I may not get to answer yours for a while.

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2 responses to “Sort of Resurrecting an Old Podcast”

  1. Edward Caissie Avatar

    Great idea! I like the crowd-sourcing aspect of this, too.

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      Well then I expect to see a question or two from you.