infront says WordPress Sucks, or does it?

infront, makers of Siteworks, recently wrote an ‘awesome’ post on why you shouldn’t be using WordPress. Lets take a deeper look at what they wrote and at SiteWorks, their in house CMS.


6 responses to “infront says WordPress Sucks, or does it?”

  1. “WordPress primarily uses templates for the design of the website, and while templates make it easy to add and change the site’s appearance, you end up with a site design, that, well, looks like a whole lot of other WordPress websites.”

    What a load of malarky. If he were a real programmer, he would know that most OOP frameworks for the web use MVC, and View is another word for template! Template doesn’t mean it’s downloaded from a template site. And WordPress is only limited by the designer/developer’s lack of knowledge.

    This isn’t a post about WordPress – it’s a long-form sales page for their CMS, which will cost you the same in the long run, most likely.

  2. Unless I’m totally reading that article wrong, they are just wanking on WordPress to better upsell their own site when really: you have to use their proprietary software that is all web-based, as opposed to self-hosting your WordPress site and work/develop locally. Their article is biased, since it’s just self promotion on their own blog. I’m not convinced.

    • Oh I know it’s totally biased. If you watched the screencast you’ll see they actually even suggest WordPress as the integrated blog for their clients. Evidently their CMS can’t handle the blogging.

      • For some reason the screen-cast wouldn’t load for me, but I believe you. The simple fact that they lean on WP for the actual blogging platform says something. And to charge as much as they do? Pfft. At the end of the day, anything that uses a proprietary web-based app like they do = NO NO NO.