Recently I was sitting talking with my wife about the current state of our kitchen. It all functions, but it’s often a bit cluttered. I won’t say messy because the sink is full of clean dishes rather than dirty ones. We both feel some social burden to make sure we have put away all those dishes, but why?

It’s not like letting a part of your house be a bit untidy makes you a less worthy of the oxygen you use on the planet. Despite what you think, your friends don’t come over and judge your worth as a person based on a snapshot view of how clean your house is. If they do, show them the door they weren’t real friends in the first place.

Really when you’re old are you going to look back and wish that you cleaned your kitchen more or are you going to wish you spent time with your kid? Are you going to wish you spent more time helping out in your community, or that you cut your lawn twice weekly?

I’m betting that 99% of you will wish you spent more time with your kid or doing something to assist others. I know that I’d wish I spent more quality time with my kid. So let that kitchen get a bit messy, stop worrying about the stray spot on your car. Do what really matters and be a good parent and community member.

One response to “No One Will Care”

  1. Stephanie C. Avatar
    Stephanie C.

    Absolutely right. It’s so easy to think how big our house is or how neat our lawns is what defines us, but that’s silly. We need to focus on the things we can do for others and the time we spend with family and friends — that’s what matters.