Github Streaks

With the new Github profile pages, I’ve been embarking on a contribution streak. I’ve found a few things that make it hard though.

Issues with Streaks

While creating an issue counts as contributing and goes towards your streak, adding a pull request to it does not. This also holds true with pull requests. Creating a new pull request adds to the contribution streak, but updating it after comments does not. So I’m contributing to a project, but Github doesn’t think so.

Staging my Contributions

After a few days trying to find a way to contribute, I’ve started staging contributions. Yup, I find an issue to tackle and say I’ll take it. But if I’ve already got a contribution that day I may just keep the change to myself for a day so I have a contribution tomorrow.

Overall I want to just get myself to contribute to the development community daily and this is helping me do it.

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