With the new Github profile pages, I’ve been embarking on a contribution streak. I’ve found a few things that make it hard though.

Issues with Streaks

While creating an issue counts as contributing and goes towards your streak, adding a pull request to it does not. This also holds true with pull requests. Creating a new pull request adds to the contribution streak, but updating it after comments does not. So I’m contributing to a project, but Github doesn’t think so.

Staging my Contributions

After a few days trying to find a way to contribute, I’ve started staging contributions. Yup, I find an issue to tackle and say I’ll take it. But if I’ve already got a contribution that day I may just keep the change to myself for a day so I have a contribution tomorrow.

Overall I want to just get myself to contribute to the development community daily and this is helping me do it.

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2 responses to “Github Streaks”

  1. Andrew Vit Avatar

    Also, somehow opening issues is worth something that closing them is not. Go figure.

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      Well people find it easy to complain. Fixing issues…