If the missed posts on this site weren’t a giveaway, I’m really busy with work. Clients keep coming my way with budgets and cool projects. So I’ve been cautiously poking around to build a bit of a team.

How Not to Get Work

I work 99% with WordPress. I build themes, custom plugins, and web applications. When we sit and talk about what I need, don’t repeat:

I hate WordPress. WordPress is so terrible

If you hate the work I’d be getting you to do…

What I want

All I really want is someone that is passionate about building awesome sites with WordPress. I’ve got enough theme building that needs to happen that if all you can do is that, I’ve got work.

I want to have the time and money to mentor newer developers, even solid developers that aren’t used to WordPress. I want to see a passion for building quality products.

So no, dude that spent more time telling me how terrible WordPress is than how passionate you are about building things for people, I don’t have work.

2 responses to “How Not to Get Work”

  1. Aras Avatar

    That is a pretty funny post Curtis. It often surprises me when I talk to people and suddenly they go off on a tangant about how terrible some technology they dont really know is. The only thing I can learn from that kind of discussion is that not only they are not competent in what they are talking about now, but they most likely are not very skilled in whatever technology they are using now — otherwise they would be talking about that.

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      I think this guy was skilled, but had been out of WP for a year or more. Some of his points we valid, just not currently.

      It was surprising to me that he was looking for work and ragged on the system I needed work on.