In episode 185 the Internet Business Mastery podcast talks about your single motivating purpose. I’ve got to say that I’m simply not sure.

Yes my business is doing well, but I can’t say that the extra cash is actually increasing my happiness. We have no debt already and we can plan for a few months to make many purchases. Money is something that we need to continue coming in, but we really don’t get a huge bump in quality of life unless we start raking in millions.

So I’m going to embark on finding my single purpose over the next few months.

4 responses to “What is my Single Purpose?”

  1. Tom McFarlin Avatar

    Was this talking about your single motivating purpose in life, single motivating purpose in business, or what?

    I think it’s a good question to answer – just curious what it was for :).

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      They were talking about life, finding the things that most energize you. So that could be teaching, teaching code, teaching cycling skills…Find that purpose and then do it in all aspects of your life.

  2. Jason Van Orden Avatar

    Hi Curtis,

    Thanks for mentioning us in your post.

    The way we look at the Single Motivating Purpose (SMP) is that there is no distinction between business/work and “non-work.”

    Your SMP influences your mode of operation in everything you do.

    For instance, teaching is just one manifestation of my SMP. Mine is:

    I share knowledge and resources in order to help others live lives of increasing freedom, fulfillment and purpose.

    This shows up in all kinds of aspects in my life, both in and out of my business.

    I highly recommend the books that we mention in the post you link to above. They have been extremely helpful to me in finding my SMP and bringing my life into alignment with it. Good luck!

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      I just wanted to share the great resources I’ve found, so you’re welcome and thanks for sharing so much.

      I’ve got the books on my list.