I love the thought of owning my content. I mean why make Twitter/Facebook/other’s better by providing them with content so they can sell ads to you? It seems silly but that is the world we live in.

To that end I have supported Pressgram. Being able to put all your photos on a property you own is awesome. But I think that there is a bigger question here really.

Is Owning Content Overrated?

Part of me things that owning your content is a bit overrated. Really if all my tweets disappeared I wouldn’t care, and it wouldn’t matter. The actual important thing is the relationships I’ve made with others. The content itself facilitated that, but it doesn’t matter.

Even Facebook, on which you theoretically catalogue your life doesn’t really matter to me. Sure I’d loose some witty comments, but there are probably only 2 people that think they are funny anyway. Again it’s the relationships that matter and I had the relationships on Facebook before, they don’t end if my data goes away.

So I think it’s a good idea to own your content, but I can’t say I’m going to bother. Most of the content on Facebook/Twitter is almost entirely useless long term. All the photos I took of food or the kid I put on my computer anyway so I own them.

Ultimately I think people put too much importance on the value of their content. People 90% of what you post on Twitter has value for a few minutes, then it has no value at all. Facebook may have longer value, but at some point it has almost no value.

The relationships are the value and those can/will transcend communication platforms.

So You Backed Why?

I started by saying I backed Pressgram, but you’re probably asking why now. I backed it because I want the option. I look forward and want a world with the option of owning content. Someday I may care, I just don’t think the content has any value now.

2 responses to “Is that Owned Content Worth Anything?”

  1. Ryan Cowles Avatar

    You raise a good point about content vs. relationships. And I agree, it’s the relationships that are developed that really do matter. But with that said, I might be a little upset if I saw a picture I took on a billboard for Facebook that I didn’t have a say in.

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      I totally agree with that part, I don’t want my stuff used without my permission. I just think that way to many people think their tweets have value for themselves in a month/year and that by exporting they get to keep that value. It has no long term value IMO.