Well OmniFocus has fallen by the wayside, at least mostly. It seems that I don’t so much need a daily list of the things I should be doing, I need a monthly project calendar.

Projects Overlap

Despite my best intentions lately, I’ve got way to many projects overlapping. One was delayed because of server issues on their end, they needed to have the thing running and pushed off a feature addition. A second just ‘goofed around’ on getting me assets. A third wanted to add extra items to the end of the project.

I suppose it’s my fault that I didn’t take them to task on the slippages and say no, but I have no real system to see how busy a given week is.

Booking Out

Currently I’m taking new work next month, but I have to admit that it’s mostly a guess. I figure that I’ll be done with all the current work by then, but I have no system that lets me make an objective evaluation.

The best thing I can think of right now is a wall calendar with at least 2 months on it. I can put projects on a month and show how many weeks they will take up and how big they are.

It feels weird to not find a software solution, but I’m just not checking in with software and if you don’t use the tool, it’s utterly useless.

2 responses to “Monthly Project Scheduling”

  1. D.Grey Avatar

    Hi Curtis,

    I like Asana and Nozbe, they both integrate with Google Calendar.

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      Asana, I’ve looked at a bit but it felt heavy from a UI perspective. Never heard of Nozbe.