When Marco launched The Magazine, I was all in. A magazine about nerdy topics but not programming or tech specifically was something I was missing. But that’s not what The Magazine is anymore, at least not for me.

It seems to me that by opening up the writing to a broader range of subjects we loose those articles that were nerdy. For the last 2 months there really hasn’t been any articles that I’ve found interesting. Contrast that to the first few issues, when almost all of the articles were right up my alley.

If the change has brought The Magazine to a wider audience (which would mean more subscribers and more revenue) then the change is what Marco should have done. He runs a business, and I can’t fault a business for making smart decisions about increasing revenue.

I just miss the magazine I started reading.

3 responses to “I Miss The Magazine”

  1. Bob Avatar

    I finally canceled my subscription about a month or two back. It just seems that The Magazine is for people who are not me.

    Which is fine …

    … but I still miss the “old” The Magazine.

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      That was a much more concise way to say it.

      1. Bob Avatar

        Just lucky, I guess. I think you fleshed it out better.

        Those first few issues seemed to be pretty awesome.