Cannondale – The All New Synapse from Matthew Schlichter on Vimeo.

Yeah I know I put these up every few months and it’s a different bike but right now I want a brand new Synapse. Well it won’t be fully on the market till next year so that means I’ve got 12 months to save up $6k for it.

Any other bike I should be looking at?

4 responses to “The Current Bike of Lust is:”

  1. Chris Avatar

    What about this one: Santa Cruz Bronson C. Check it out here:

    I ride a Santa Cruz myself and like it a lot.

    On a different note: like your Daylite 4 review. Will NOT go for it. But what are my alternatives that integrate with Google Contacts and Google mail? Any suggestion?

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      Looks nice, but I’m riding road now. I’d love a Mountain Bike again, but I don’t have the space for one or the cash. I’ve always loved the Specialized Epic since I’m more of an all day distance mountain rider.

      Yeah I don’t have a solution that integrates with Google. Currently I’m using Trello to track projects and Evernote for documents on projects. Clients go in Mac Address book.

      I need to write it all up now that it’s been a few months and I have the system more or less settled.

  2. Drew Avatar

    I’m a Cannondale fanboy! What are you riding now? Why not buy a frame and move components?

    $6k to spend – Man you could go custom Ti with money left over. And that’s a frame you ride for life. Or even SuperSix EVO, unless you don’t want race geo.

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      I’m on a 2009 Trek 1.5. The parts are not worth moving to a nice frame. The crankset was stripped when I got the bike, so it may not even move. I suppose the rest would be okay (9 speed 105/Tiagra group). I figured I’d keep the old one around for a rain bike.

      I’ve looked at the SuperSix and from what I’ve read, you don’t really sacrifice much in race performance on the new Synapse but you do gain comfort. I know a few of the Cannondale pros (Ted King comes to mind) has said that he does prefer the SuperSix, but if he was asked to ride the Synapse fulltime he would just do it. He didn’t feel that the performance trade offs were a big enough deal that he would be affected.