I watched Horrible Bosses last night. The premise is that these 3 guys have terrible bosses and that they are ‘stuck’ in their jobs. They have to put up with all this crap for their bosses and have no place to turn but stick with that job.

That is a load of bullshit

If you feel stuck in your job then make a plan to get out. The only thing in your life that makes you stuck is you. But I’ll admit that it’s way easier to say it’s your boss’ fault. That’s our natural tendency always, make it someone else’s fault.

It’s way easier on us if we say that our boss is keeping us down. It allows us to entirely abdicate our own responsibilty in the matter. Most people like to find a reason that the problem isn’t with them.

That’s pretty sad though. Back when I worked for someone else (twice actually) I was pretty unhappy. In both circumstances I was still coding and had a bunch of freedom plus I didn’t have to chase down clients.

Sounds like a good gig doesn’t it?

The fact is that it just wasn’t for me. I could have sat around and blamed the company I worked for but that would just abdicate my role in the matter. Instead of blaming someone I called the boss and said this isn’t working. We figured out a way for me to leave without leaving them in the lurch.

Sure I took a bit of a risk jumping back in to freelancing for myself after more or less shutting down my business but it’s worked out. I worked hard and made more this year so far (yes in 6 months) than I would have made all year staying where I was.

If you feel stuck then I have 3 book recommendations for you.

  1. 48 days to the work you love
  2. Quitter
  3. Start

Read those and learn to stop making it about someone else. My wife changed her whole career path in 3 months after reading 48 days. She now works less hours than she did and brings home more money and she gets to spend most of each day at home with out daughter.

She didn’t make excuses.