Freelance Fantasy Land

I’ve been struggling with motivation lately which to many working ‘regular’ jobs seems pretty silly. I mean I work at home, I can have lunch with my kid and I ride my bike Friday afternoon’s.

I have little to complain about. But there is an underlying current of just not being happy with the specifics of what I’m doing. I love the tech side of my job and some of the projects I get to work on.

I’ve said YES to a few interesting projects that I just shouldn’t have. Not bad clients, not bad work at all. Just not something that interests me in any way.

Despite this lack of motivation I’m working to remember that I don’t have to love work everyday.

Fantasy Land

The way we all (yes me to) talk online it’s like we have the best job everyday and we always love it. Everyone tries to show their best ‘successful’ self because of course we wouldn’t want potential clients to see anything but 1000% enthusiasm for everything we do.

That’s a total fantasy land though and we are doing each other a disservice by continuing that myth.

There are entire weeks and months I don’t like freelancing, I just look at working for someone and I’d dislike it even more. Freelancing is a lot of hard work (despite our friends assumptions to the contrary) and 99% of the time it’s just me doing the work.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but man a 2 week paid vacation would be nice.

photo credit: Simon Wilches via photopin cc

4 responses to “Freelance Fantasy Land”

  1. I know the feeling. We can only push through and complete the current project, and hope the next one will bring back the enthusiasm.