Today the teasing is over and you can sign up to get notified of the new book I’m writing called “Don’t be an Idiot: Running a Viable Business”.

The Why

I’m writing the book because over the last year I’ve been talking with a bunch of small business owners. A constant theme has been that they are struggling with the business portion.

They are awesome UI people or phenominal coders or amazing photographers but not great business people. You need to know how to run a business to succeed on your own.

The How

Since my time doesn’t scale to help out everyone that needs a bit of advice (and Twitter DM’s are getting overwhelming) I wrote a book about running a viable business.

I took all the themes from my conversations with these business people and written down the advice I keep giving them. I want people to run a business and get as much fullfillment from it as I do from mine.

The book will cover budgeting, reviewing projects and your business, setting goals, being realistic with your time, charging properly for your time and more.

I’m also going to include interviews with business owners and successful entrepreneurs. I want to give as much advice as possible to you so we’ll get them to answer what they did in their first year (and 5) that made their business successful.

So if you want to be updated with the book progress and get sneak peaks of some interviews and a discount on launch day signup for the mailing list.

Launch date is the end of August.

4 responses to “I’m writing a book about Running a Viable Business”

  1. Matt Avatar

    Love the title!

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      Glad you like it.

  2. Brian Casel Avatar

    Hey Curtis –

    Way to go on going for it with a book. I’m in the same boat right now! Just beginning work on my first book about design + marketing.

    Looking forward to swapping notes 🙂

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      Thanks for the encouragement. This is actually my 2nd book that I’ve self-published. I did my first one on WordPress development.

      My next product will probably be WordPress development courses with Sensei. Not 100% on that yet, but about 90% sure.