Screw waiting for your client to pay you

I’ve written before about the practice of paying people after your client pays you. My short take is that it’s totally not acceptable. You should have the cash in your business to pay people.

Well Andy Clarke at Unfinished Business agrees very strongly with me in episode 30. They talk about a bunch more things as well, but that is the point I really wanted to drive home.

4 responses to “Screw waiting for your client to pay you”

  1. I like this too, although I haven’t had the guts to change how I handle this on my own, I’m happy to see when developers do this because they can take your work seriously.

    • Just do it. Sure you may turn down work but not much really and nothing from anyone good. At least that’s my experience.

  2. You’re absolutely right and it works both ways. When I’ve done work for an ad agency, I don’t care whether their client has paid them or not: the ad agency is my client and they need to pay on time, irrespective of whether their client has paid them.

    • When I’ve said that to a few agencies they have said that’s how they pay. I don’t work for them.