I had a blast (and yes I’m still recovering Monday morning).

My presentation was a bunch of the content from my book called “Don’t be an Idiot: Learn to run a viable business“.

Here are the slides and I’ll post the video here when it gets up on WordPress.tv.

2 responses to “WordCamp Vancouver 2013 Slides”

  1. D. Hamilton Avatar
    D. Hamilton

    Thanks Curtis, I really enjoyed your WordCamp Vancouver presentation. I appreciate your bullet point approach with lots of ideas that I can actually use. Your talk will definitely impact how I spend my next 6 months.

    Any chance of finding a list of the books you recommended during the seminar. Tried to write it all down, but I wasn’t fast enough.

    All the best, Dorothy

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      A real short list would be.

      Of course my book also launches tomorrow so I’d recommend that.

      I’m going to put together a ‘Resources’ page in the coming weeks as well.