I was talking with a freelancer recently that takes on installing WordPress and a theme to your host. They charge $500 for the service and it’s basically an ‘install and handoff’ service.

I know what you may be thinking:

Who on earth would pay for that. I mean you click install on the hosts cPanel and then install a theme. It’s “so easy”.

You’re right that is really really easy for me and for you and for that freelancer.

My wife could never do it though.

My dad could never do it though.

About 90% of my friends would take at least 1 day to find a host and then navigate the crappy cPanel and install WordPress. Then they’d have to read WordPress docs find WordPress documentation on how to install a theme and install it.


For so many of you reading this setting up WordPress and a theme is so easy we just don’t value the real knowledge it takes to do it.

For the person that doesn’t understand it at all it’s magic that we can do it so fast.

Do you have anything that’s familiar and easy that you could be doing for money? Make a list of the ‘easy’ tasks you normally do and show them to a non-technical friend. Is there anything there they see as simply magic that you could be bundling in to an easy service?

If you charged $500 for a WordPress/theme install and did 4 on a Thursday that would be $2000 in a day for very little work.

Hrm, maybe there is good money in the little jobs after all.

photo credit: Lαin via photopin cc

2 responses to “Familiar fast and worth charging for”

  1. Darren Avatar

    Thanks the tip Curtis! I am in the middle of rebuilding my business website and I have WordPress section and I think I might throw that in there.

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      If you can get the install process really pinned down then it could be a great profit Center for the business.