There is going to be a slight format change around here. For a while now I’ve been writing pretty much every week day and while I loved it I’ve been getting some feedback about the content which I’d like to take to heart.

I’ve heard a few times that many of the posts I write leave someone feeling like they need just one more bite of content. It was almost filling but not quite.

Starting in a couple weeks I’m going to be changing up to ‘series’ style posting. That means I’m going to try and take a week (maybe 2) to cover a topic in great detail. It’s likely that some days you’ll get 3 posts but I’ll try to keep that to a minimum.

Some of the first topics will be a bit of a repeat since I recently posted about the topics but left the meals lean. Some of the topics will be brand new.

I’m aiming for 2 series a month and that doesn’t mean I won’t be writing on the other days they’ll just be similar to what you’re getting now.

Some of the series that are started are:

  • Legal Stuff (contracts, NDA’s, non-competes…)
  • Income Cycles (how to analyze your income cycle, budgeting for it, smoothing out the valleys)
  • Success (what is it, some stories of success around me, my version of success, failure, business success, setting up for success)
  • Pricing (pricing models, productivity and pricing, why clients low-ball you, how to show your value)
  • Stuck Projects (why are they stuck, getting them unstuck, leaving a stuck project gracefully, our parts in stuck)

On top of that I’ve got about 15 other ideas for series that I just don’t have outlined yet.

If you’ve got a topic you’d like covered in detail over a couple days please let me know in the comments.

4 responses to “Bit of a Format Change”

  1. Eliot Landrum Avatar

    Sounds great! Looking forward to it. Also like the design.. I’ve read the last few weeks via Reeder and have missed out on the new layout. Lookin’ sharp.

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      Thanks I especially love the single page reading experience but the real choice was that it had WooCommerce support out of the box. I’ll probably end up changing it again in the New Year so that I does exactly what I want it to do.

  2. Jeremy Avatar

    Sounds interesting! Looking forward to it!

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      Glad to hear it. If you have any suggestions please feel free to get in touch.