If you’re reading this site it’s probably because you want to learn to run a better business and be more productive.

But to what end?

When you can get more done in less time are you just going to add more to the schedule so that you work the same amount of hours?

When you make more money are you just going to spend more money and have the same ‘float’ in your bank account?

I certainly hope not.

I’m able to take Friday’s off and save for retirement and I got out of all debt but my house last year.

That’s what I do with my extra time and extra money.

We’re coming up to January 2014 and it’s time to start working on your goals for next year.

I haven’t finalized mine yet but here is a list of things I’m talking over with my wife.


  • Bring in $150k+ with the business
  • Increase my salary to 70 – 80k
  • Get a fulltime contractor (as in have enough work I need help)
  • Don’t get sucked in to working some Friday’s by clients
  • get some courses and plugins out to bring in more residual income


  • date my wife 2x a month
  • spend a weekend away from the kids with my wife
  • get to the field trips with my kid
  • keep up my weekly date with my daughter and add time for the new one coming in January
  • have time to exercise 4 – 5 times weekly

That’s the rough list for 2014.

Have you started to figure out what you’re going to do with extra time and money next year?

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2 responses to “What’s the purpose of your productivity?”

  1. Daniel Espinoza Avatar

    I love how intentional you’re being with this Curtis! The _only_ way these things will happen is if you identify them, make a plan and go after it and you are already on the way. Bravo!

    The salary goal is huge because it helps you to back out into the actual numbers. “What does this annual salary mean per month?” “How many new leads/projects per month to I need?”

    I’m working on a similar update to my goals list that I’ll probably have done by new year.

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      Thanks man. I went over my goals with my wife on Monday and they changed a bit. I’ll be posting them in full later this month in prep for next year. I’ll also be trying to break them down.