There was an interesting question on the WordPress Reddit group recently about turning WordPress in to a business.

As a summary a 17 year old person has built a few sites but really wanted to turn it in to a business.

My Issue

I took issue with some of the advice offered, specifically the thought that a 17 year old simply can’t charge what a 30 year old can charge.

That is not true at all.

I can see how ‘in general’ it might be statistically valid but only because a 30 year old has had more time to learn to gain experience running a business well.

They have had time to become experienced experts in their field.

They have made lots of mistakes already and learned from them (well hopefully they’ve learned).

So how can you shortcut some of that learning and run an effective business faster and thus charge more?

Start budgeting to actually invest in yourself and your education.

Read read read

One of the cheapest ways to invest in yourself an learn about running an awesome business in to read.

Read daily.

Not just blogs, read real books (or digital copies of books).

Turn off your damn TV and Netflix most nights of the week and read.

Reading means you get the distilled edited thoughts of business leaders right in front of you for very little cost.

Want some recommendations?

Read anything that Cory Miller recommends or that he has written.

Read everything by Chris Lema and follow his blog.

Read Get Clients Now and Book Yourself Solid.

Read The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing.

Read EntreLeadership.

Make it a practice to consume books in whatever medium you prefer.

Mentoring and Masterminds

Who do you have to ask hard business questions? Do you have a mentor? Can you intentionally and easily connect with a group of peers that intend to take an interest in your business?

If you don’t have a mentor (or can be one for someone) sign up at WPMentor. Get a mentor.

Have you heard about a Mastermind group? I’ve written about starting one and did a webinar about them. Getting involved with a Mastermind in 2013 kicked me in to high gear and got me to release a book that I was simply talking about with little real action.

Our Mastermind helped a member 2x her income goal for the year.

If you’re not in a Mastermind then get in one now. If you don’t think you can afford the time then you’re looking at it wrong. It’s a business investment not an expense.

If you could earn double by spending about an hour a week why on earth wouldn’t you do it?


Yeah sure I listen to DradCast and WP Watercooler and a whole host of shows on the Twit Network all about tech but those are all my ‘fluff’ shows.

The shows I don’t skip ever are all business related. I get hours a week of awesome business advice from:

  1. 48 days
  2. Bootstrapped Web
  3. Matt Report
  4. This is your life
  5. The Freelancer’s Show (which I’m on and still listen to)
  6. Smart Passive Income

I listen to these when I’m riding my bike or running or washing dishes or walking to the coffee shop or vacuuming or…

There is lots of time in your day to consume audio so stop making excuses and get all this awesome content from awesome business leaders at no charge.

Charge like you’re 10 years older

So if you want to charge like you’ve got 10 years extra experience it’s going to take some time and some investment but there are so many resources that the only thing holding you back is yourself.

Start budgeting for your business education today. It’s an investment that will pay off huge.

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One response to “Charge like you’ve got 10 years extra experience”

  1. lisa s Avatar
    lisa s

    I don’t see age as a heavy factor in pricing of services.

    I am probably older than the average WordPress developer with less years of experience in tech industry. I learn much more from the community members that (I think) are younger than me –but have more general tech and WordPress specific experience.

    PS Since you mentioned the MattReport in your list of podcasts….I recently joined the Mattreport Pro and am looking forward to seeing how the community develops/interacts and how it might work as a virtual mastermind group.