I’m starting a monthly post about the books I’ve read that month. If you didn’t know it already I read a lot. My family doesn’t watch TV during the week days and even when we put a movie on over the weekend it’s not uncommon for me to read anyway.

I certainly read through the weekly viewing of what ever movie is my daughter’s current favourite.

The only difference between where you are today, and where you’ll be a year from today, are the books you read and the people you meet. – Charlie Tremendous Jones

Why read

I’ve pretty much always loved reading so it’s not a big chore to get me to read. Until I really started using the Kindle app on my iPad the real chore around here was building a new bookshelf every year to hold the paper.

But what if you don’t like reading?

Do it anyway, it’s so good for you and here’s why.

1. Free mentors you can’t afford

I could never afford to hire Dave Ramsey for 1 on 1 consulting for my finances or business. I have however seen how his business works on the inside and how he hires and built his culture.

I got free mentorship from Dave by reading.

2. Reading helps your analytical thinking

Yes you read that right, reading helps your improve your analytical thinking. That means you’ll be able to analyze, articulate and solve problems easier.

Solving your client’s problems is your job so wouldn’t you like to get better at it?

3. Reading makes you sound smarter

The more you read the larger your vocabulary becomes. You are forced to encounter new words as you read and figure out (or look up) what they mean.

Then you’re going to start to use those words in your regular daily interactions. When you talk to clients you’re going to use them.

You’ll present yourself better and sound ‘smarter’. Or maybe you’re finally going to sound as smart as you actually are.

How I read

I have a 2 pronged approach to reading. Many books start as an audiobook via Audible.com. That lets me listen at double speed to see if the book is really worth my time to dig in to.

I do most of my listening during my bike rides (usually 4 days a week I ride for a few hours).

If a book passes the listening test then I’ll purchase it via Amazon for consumption on my iPad via the Kindle app.

Here I can take notes and highlight important passages.

Look forward to my first installment later this week on the books I’ve gone through for the month of March.

3 responses to “Monthly reading recap”

  1. Jonny Blank Avatar
    Jonny Blank

    Love the idea of tasting a book on the bike. I’m biking/spinning 2×2 hours and 1×3-to-4 hours a week training for half Irons, and the tasting method will get me into spot reading for books that pass. Thx

  2. Leif Avatar

    Are you on GoodReads.com? There’s a widget for your footer right there.

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      I’m sort of on GoodReads in that I check in sometimes but don’t really do much else. Usually I just see what friends have added there to add to my list.