For a while now, I’ve been finding that the highest value content I consume most weeks is from podcasts or whichever book I’m currently reading. After mentioning that a few times in Hipchat and on Twitter my friend Jared asked me what my favorite podcasts were.

Sure, blogs can be great (heck I write one) but so many feel like they just barely introduce the issue and then they wrap it up.

Today I’ll present you with the best podcasts I listen to weekly. I listen to more than I list, so this isn’t an exhaustive list. It is just a list of the ones that I think are going to deliver you real value each week.

The Dave Ramsey Show

This is a 40 minute excerpt from Dave’s daily radio show. Listen to this and you’re going to get some killer budgeting advice, great business advice and lots of insight in how to deal with all the curve-balls life can throw at you.

EntreLeadership Podcast

Another great show from Dave’s team which is focused each week on how to run your business and team well. Lots of interviews with leading professionals in management and leadership.

Now you may not have a team now, but if you want to have one someday it’s way better to start thinking and learning about how to manage one now.

Many of the lessons learned can easily be applied to your family and your client interactions.

The Ihnatko Almanac

Not business focused in any way, and just a bit nerdy. Andy is so eloquent my wife is even happy to listen to him expound on comics or cameras. Andy always brings interesting discussions about topics to the mic.

One of my favourites was his discussion on accepting the religious beliefs of others. Week reasoned and complete.

I think that truly smart people are always looking to learn more about random topics and there is always good thoughts to be had here.

48 Days

Want to talk about how to get a job and how to think about sales or business, Dan Miller has you covered. Dan is continually helpful and generous and insightful with his commentary on the real problems that people are having with finding clients and work.

He regularly challenges me to think just a bit different about my client interactions.

Slate’s Mom and Dad are fighting

I’m a parent and I want to be a good one. This podcast continues to impress me with the topics it covers. Do kids at private schools really do better than those in public school?

Do single children really have more issues than those with siblings?

That’s all been covered in recent episodes.

This Is Your Life

Update: October 10, 2014 – there was a format change around episode 100 and the new format didn’t really jive with me so it’s off my list. I have no doubt the content is still decent, but the format wasn’t for me.

Michael Hyatt is the former CEO of Thomas Nelson (major publisher) and talks about productivity along with how to run a team and how to build a business. Lots of great insight to be had.

Honorable Mentions

Here are some that have consistently good content, but don’t weekly really make me stop and think. They’re interesting, but I don’t mind skipping them if podcasts pile up.

Smart Passive Income

A few months ago SPI may have been ranked a bit higher. There is good information here, but it’s focused at those looking to run affiliate marketing and product businesses. I think that Pat has good things to say but some of the guests feel a bit greasy. Not all and not terrible but if it’s a busy week I’ll mark this one as listened to without much thought.

Get Up and Code

This gets a lower ranking mainly because I’ve only recently started to listen to it. It’s been great so far, but I don’t have months if experience with the content to really say if it’s always high quality content that makes me yearn for more.

If you’re a knowledge worker that wants to hear more about how to be healthy this is the show for you.

The Business of Freelancing

I love Brennan Dunn’s stuff. Heck I’m even in the 2nd version of Double Your Freelancing Rate.

The problem is that he’s just not consistent with the podcast. Sometimes there are months off. I love it when he puts them out I just wish he’d put them out more.

That’s it for my main podcast list. Sure, I’ve got some tech shows in there about Apple and stuff, but the real content that I want each week is from the shows above.

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2 responses to “The Podcasts I Think You MUST Listen To”

  1. Adam Clark Avatar

    Great list man. I’m personally offended that The Gently Mad isn’t on your list. 😉 Just kidding.

    Another great podcast that fits right in with the shows you mentioned is Sean McCabe’s podcast ( Sean does a terrific job thinking deeply and thoughtfully about life as a creative entrepreneur. I’m regularly blown away by the quality of each episode (and he does two a week!).

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      I hadn’t heard of either of those shows I’ll give them a try for sure.