Louis CK has a great bit about technology. Take a second and watch it, then read on.

My takeaway line is:

Like how quickly the guy thinks the world owes him something he knew existed only 10 seconds ago.

I can so easily fall in to the same state of apathy when running my business.

See, I had to work late one day. When I say late I mean I worked till 5:30.

See, I had to work on a weekend once in the last year and that sucks.

It’s easy to forget that I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop writing and took a bike ride to get here. I took the long way, simply because I wanted to take the long way.

No one was expecting me on time here.

No boss looked at their watch as I walked in 10 minutes later than planned.

When I spend 20 minutes reading to my daughter at lunch no one will wonder where I was. In fact, my wife will look at me and smile because I’m showing that my kids are important to me.

I’ll forget that 48 weeks of the year I leave by 4pm on Monday and Wednesday to go for a bike ride.

I’ll forget that I spend most of Friday afternoon on whatever I want (usually on the bike or sitting in the coffee shop planning the next week and reading).

I’ll forget that most employees work twice as much as me for the wage I earn.

I’ll forget that I get to hang out with my 5 month old baby, on Friday by 4pm, as I finish making our evening pizza.

I’ll forget all that and complain inwardly to myself because what was amazing is no longer amazing and that’s wrong.

If you’re working for yourself and can pay your bills you should sit back at the end of the day and say:

Wow I got to work at home and no one can tell me what to wear or when to show up! I have an awesome life.

Make a list

Now make a list of the awesome stuff about your job.

Mine includes all the leaving early and biking and hanging out with the kids.

When things aren’t fun, grab that list and remember all the awesome parts of your job that others don’t have.

Then get back to work and realize how good you have it.

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2 responses to “When Consulting Sucks, stop your whining”

  1. Joe Avatar

    Great Louis clip and great post.

    I can be guilty of this a lot but this post has reminded me to appreciate what I’ve got any how lucky I am to work from home.


  2. Kim Doyal Avatar

    SO true Curtis!
    I loved this video with him. I had to remind myself of this last week when I was feeling annoyed with hearing lawn mowers & blowers while I work in my home office after getting back from the gym, all on my own schedule.
    Thanks for the reminder!