You ever find a great new resource that blows your mind with every piece of content you get?

You know one that makes you really think about how you’re running your business.

How your pricing your projects.

The weight you put towards project management as the thing that really makes a project awesome.

It’s all about value

I’ve talked about Kirk before and what I still think is one of the best episodes of the Freelancer’s Show where he gave us a mind blowing lesson on value based pricing.

Did you know that he now has a podcast called Art of Value and you guessed it, it’s all about how to do value with your projects.

The only problem I have so far with the podcast is that I listen to them while riding my bike which means I can’t take notes.

So I have to listen to them twice.

Art of Value has a new permanent place in my list of podcasts you should be listening to.

I’ll do a full podcast update list in January with all the changes I’ve made recently.

I also am on the episode that goes live today (I swear it wasn’t planned that way on my part). I talk a bunch about how by serving your client you can go further.

Hope is not a Strategy

Kirk has also been kind enough to say yes to joining me for my course that went on sale yesterday called: Hope is not a Strategy: Plan your next business year. He’s going to talk all about value for us via a webinar.