Does the market agree with you?

I’m sitting here on launch day (to my email list) for my Hope is not a Strategy course and you know what, there hasn’t been a single purchase yet.

Of course I sat around last night talking about how sales could work and running numbers.

Yes I even dreamed about selling out of all packages on day one.

Funny enough this great post from Seth Godin comes across my desk as well.

…while your intent is pure and your goal is to create magic, the most common mistake is to believe that the marketplace will agree with your good intent and support you.

I still feel like the course has way more to offer than it costs.

At this moment with no sales, so many questions about me are going around.

Have I really found a problem that other businesses are having?

Have I shown that I actually have expertise in this arena?

Have I wildly over estimated what others feel the material is worth?

and with clients

Sending estimates to clients used to be the same way with me.

I’d send an estimate and then sit around stressing about the targeting of the estimate.

Did the customer think my pricing was outrageous and totally out of line with the value I could provide?

Did they not like me?

I know that some of you are the same way when you send out estimates.

Not anymore

I don’t feel like that anymore though.

Now I’ve dug in to the value that the solution will provide to my client and state that value.

It took a long time to get that way though. Lots of estimates went out. Lots of trial and error.

You’ll get there too, just keep at it.

Focus on the value you provide to your client. Show them that you can provide the value and then tell them how much it’s going to cost for them to get the value desired.

photo credit: tijger-san cc