Do you provide a discount for a client that pays on time?

I don’t.

Paying on time is simply what a good client should do because…they’re an adult.

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2 responses to “No Reward for Paying on Time”

  1. Manuel Vicedo Avatar

    Ideally, yes. Not offering pluses to early payers would be the better choice since they’re supposed to be on time anyways.

    But the thing is… People forget stuff. They face unexpected situations, and most of the time they simply forget about the payment or don’t pay it enough attention.

    In my case, I’ve found most of my clients who tend to be late is because they had their hands full with something else altogether. So sometimes I help them remember by making it as easy as possible to pay. This way they keep it in their minds for longer.

    Granted, most of the time it’s not a material reward– it could be a small extra such as a little bit of advice, or providing them with a useful resource. But the effects are noticeable, and if pitched properly they tend to see it as great service.

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      Of course they do forget stuff sometimes. I have one client that I’ve worked with for 6 years and about once a year an invoice goes late. I simply remind them and they pay it.

      Once it went a month late and I charged interest, but only after multiple reminders.

      I make it easy as possible to pay by sending them an invoice with a link that allows them to click and pay. Of course I also take all payment upfront now so there is not really such a thing as a late invoice for me since I just don’t work if you don’t pay.