Even if the client is annoyed by your question or your pricing the whole point to your client on-boarding process is to weed out the clients you simply don’t want to work with.

Remember that even if they’re rude.


4 responses to “The point to your process is to weed out the clients you don’t want”

  1. Frank Avatar

    Very useful perspective. I appreciate the way you frame the situation as essentially coming down to a misalignment of values or simply not a good fit. What you’ve offered is a healthy way to look at things in the long term. By contrast, getting annoyed, angry, and dwelling on these kinds of things makes them much more *personal* than they need to be.

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      It can be hard to step out of the ‘personal’ mindset for your business because really business is personal. You need to take that big deep breath and not react right away.

      Take a few minutes and respond or deal with it after it’s stopped feeling personal.

  2. CJ Andrew Avatar

    Agreed, and well put.
    As you mentioned, such clients are not looking for a partner, or even a long term relationship with a trusted provider. In every likelihood they would treat any contractor poorly. Better to cut them loose sooner, and save the headaches.

    This may sound counter-intuitive, but some service providers state that their process was created with “No” as the default outcome. Any client that manages to cross from “No” to “Maybe” is doing well. Those who get to “Yes” are assets to the provider’s business.

    I agree with them too.

    1. Curtis McHale Avatar
      Curtis McHale

      Yup that’s basically how I operate. From the no->yes progression. Big thing is to take a deep breath when clients take it personally and get angry.

      Then respond.