Who helps you set your business boundaries?

Setting and sticking to weekly goals is hard for most of us. We find it reasonably easy to let ourselves down in places we’d never dream of letting a client down. We certainly wouldn’t stand for someone we were paying slacking in missed goals.

Then we feel bad and plan to do better.

Is this true for you?

You rely on ‘will power’ to get those personal projects done. Or maybe you said you wouldn’t take any client work this month because you’re feeling burned out.

Then someone calls and has some money and you forget to keep that boundary intact, so you take on the new project.

As you fail in setting boundaries for yourself, you need others who will let you know about it in a caring way. - Boundaries

Who are your ‘others’?

Who are the 'others' in your life who help you maintain your boundaries?

My first 'other' is my awesome wife. We talk about the business every week and sit down every few months to evaluate our overall direction.

Notice I say ‘our’ direction. While I run the business and she raises our kids it’s still our business. We are partners in every aspect of life.

How about you? When things are tough do you let your spouse in to help you? Better than just ‘letting them in’ are they actually ‘in’ all the time, not just when things are desperate?

Do they know approximately how much is in the business emergency fund? Better yet, do they have access to the business accounts?

Do they know your yearly goals and are you reviewing them together?

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If your answer isn’t yes to those questions then it’s time to step into adulthood and truly partner with your spouse.

My Mastermind

My second group of ‘others’ is my mastermind group. We meet weekly to discuss business and our goals.

We also have a Slack group that we use daily when we run into issues that we want group feedback on. Maybe it’s the tricky wording needed to break up with a client, or maybe it’s the push to actually start blocking out time so we can get stuff done.

Whatever it is, I know I can reach out to that group of people -- that they truly care about my business and me and they will help me work through a rough patch.

They’ll let me know when I should be saying NO to a customer when I waffle around on actually doing it.

So who are your ‘others’? Are you actually being honest with them so they can help you set boundaries?

If you don’t have ‘others’ or you’re not being honest with the ones you do have…WHY NOT?

photo credit: dunechaser cc