On Negativity

What you surround yourself with is going to influence you.

Careful what you surround yourself with.

3 responses to “On Negativity”

  1. I appear to be commenting a lot on your blog 🙂 I totally agree, being around negativity feels toxic. I have given in to that type of talk about someone else before and it always leaves me empty, feel awful, nothing good can come from it. I try to re-focus my own self on to something positive. Like hey Ginger, instead of thinking this about them, how ’bout take care of your own bidness ? 🙂 Happy Friday Curtis

      • A combination of things. Gut instinct – I can feel it when I know I should not even bring up the subject, usually of the same person/situation. Refocus – to something else like put on some good music while doing a task I might normally complain about. Skype — try to chat up a coworker or friend for distraction.