There once was a cruise ship departing from Vancouver bound for Hawaii. It had all the normal things you’d expect on a cruise ship, like pools and food everywhere and a deck to walk around on.

It was missing a few crucial things though — like engines or any way to steer it. The owners of the cruise ship figured they’d just hire a tug boat to tow it to open water then they could drift to their destination and save lots on fuel, which would increase their profits.

Of course we can see this fictional story wouldn’t end well. We’d later read about this absolutely insane ship that had crashed into the coast somewhere, or got lost in a storm and eventually capsized. We’d laugh and shake our heads, wondering why anyone would get on the ship in the first place. We’d be mad that the cruise line was allowed to do business that way and endanger lives.

Yet despite the obvious poor planning these fictional ship builders (and the equally misguided passengers), so many of us run our businesses this way. We drift from one point to another with no clear plan or the proper engine to drive us to our destination.

To get anywhere that’s worth going, you’ve got to be intentional—every day, not just every now and then. – One Bed One Bank Account

What’s your plan for your business? Do you even have a destination? Any road map for reaching your destination?

Not sure where to start? I’m starting up some mastermind groups to help freelancers (and those wanting to make the jump) have direction and earn well. If you’re interested get in touch to talk more.

Lets get intentional together.

photo credit: biplex cc