Going freelance is not ‘the’ answer for everyone. All your dreams of sitting in a coffee shop daily working on only things you love are just that…dreams.

Running a business takes a bunch of work outside of working on things you love and even finding those clients you love is hard.

One response to “So much has to go right to succeed”

  1. Lockedown Design Avatar

    Stories aren’t interesting unless there’s a hero(ine). Someone has to ‘make it’ in order to be known. History remembers nothing of the thousands of carcasses of shipwrecked businesses washed up on the shores of unprofitability.

    The work to weather the storms of changes and uncertainty is great. You can never rest on your laurels or take your client base for granted. For as hard as you are grinding it out to make a living, there are always a dozen other hungry young lions trying to do the same.

    Thanks for this dose of reality. I continue to look forward to the Friday videos, Curtis.