There is always one more thing

It’s easy to let a ‘thing’ stand in the way of you reaching your goal (or goals). Maybe you want to go out on your own and you want to save $10K before you make that leap.

Maybe you want to complete one more $5K project before you make the leap.

Maybe you work super hard while the kids are young and will spend time with them when they’re just a bit older.

None of those things are bad. In fact, they’re all good. Building a solid base of savings before you go out on your own is critical for building a stable business.

Having a number of clients lined up before you make the leap to running your own business is just plain smart.

When the kids are little they may not notice your absence quite as much, so putting in a year or two of extra hard work to set a solid foundation may be just the thing you need to do.

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The problem is that many people don't stick to their milestones. Some people reach that $10K target, but one thing comes up, and suddenly $15K is the new milestone they need to reach.

Or, that $5K client was okay but not amazing, so they're chasing after one more amazing client before taking that next big step in their business.

Or, the kids are only 5 and 7 -- I’ll take some time off next year.

There will always be one more thing. Make sure that you choose the proper thing.

photo credit: 38463026@N04 cc